Friday, June 18, 2010

Secret Book Stash

I've seen this done with larger books, cut out the pages in the middle and you can hide your secret documents, gun, or other spy paraphernalia inside. I ran across this pocket moleskine for two bucks and had a thought. It's not very often that I get dressed up but when I do I find that it looks ridiculous if I have all my usual stuff with me. That being:
- Wallet
- Leatherman
- Flashlight
- Sharpie
- Small Swiss Army Knife
- Thumb Drive
- Keys
- Lighter- Cellphone and/or iPod
- And sometimes a notebook

Now while one can usually get away with having a cell phone on them, bulging pockets when you're the best man or out with The Missus are a no no. The thought was to put a pocket Swiss, car key, house key, license, credit card, cash, thumb drive and whatever else that's tiny and I think I need. (You may think it odd that I have this Batman complex but when you're a Sound Guy you get so you can't function without the ability to whip out an object that will fix the problem at hand.)

The book has a nice little folding pocket in the back which is a good spot for all the flat stuff, cards, money and whatnot. Cutting out the middle of about 150 pages (out of 192) makes a nice little pocket that's deep enough for the rest. A smoker could even tuck a few away with a lighter and avoid the shakes without carrying a pack. Lucky for me it was graph paper, which made alignment a snap, although if hollowing out a printed book you can just use the margins.

Here's the finished product and now I can step out with just this in my pocket. (Phone and Leatherman always withing easy reach, lest I get twitchy). The only thing I'm considering is diluting some white glue and just swiping the edges of the cut pages to help them hang together. It'll have to be done gently though so the book doesn't wrinkle up.

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Jason said...

Hey Leatherman,
Came over from The Mister blog.
What a great reminder of how to smuggle all our "dude necessities". I'll be looking for an opportunity to get one of these made. I'm always over loading my pockets with McGuyver crap. And the "man's purse" didn't go over well. Thanks Leatherman, great post.

The Cheeky Daddy