Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sharp As A...

Today I was knocking some things off the list around the house while my family was out. I had gotten to the burdocks and was looking around for something to help me whack my way through the forest that is the West end of my garden. Finding nothing helpful around the shop I looked inside and quailed at the idea of taking one of The Missus' chef's knives out to the garden.

Then a flash of inspiration hit me.

I had recently purchased a trio of military style digging tools on eBay. I say military style because the ones that are three for ten bucks are smaller, cheaper, and a good deal flimsier, but even if they turn out to be single use, a tiny, flimsy shovel is better than no shovel at all in an emergency.

So I grabbed one out of the truck and flipped out the file on my trusty Leatherman. A few minutes quick work had one side of the aluminum digging head honed into some semblance of sharpness (indicated by the white arrow in the picture above). It turned out to be quite effective in the battle against the burdocks, and the serrated edge, while likely not up to the task of sawing actual wood, was more than a match for some of the two inch thick pricker bushes I ran into. The short handle was actually a bonus and let me whack away in tight quarters and avoid plants I wanted to keep.

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