Saturday, April 10, 2010

Snip Snip

Friday was a busy day. Had lots of chances to put my Leatherman to good use. I:

- Sliced through some plastic sheeting to build containment around the entrance to a construction area at work.

- Pulled a bunch of stubborn sheet metal screws out of some metal studs in a chase I was re-working in said construction area.

- Pulled a sharp sheet metal scrap out of my boot.

- Unlocked Pried open a cabinet containing networking gear to check on a connection.

- Removed some screws that were keeping a window closed so I could hang out and grab a dangling extension cord.

- Cut the seal on a fresh bucket of mud to finish up a drywall job after work.

- Popped the top on a quart of canned peaches at dinner.

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