Friday, February 26, 2010

Brand New Bag

Today I found to my dismay that Nite Ize no longer makes the carrier that I've been keeping my Leatherman, MagLite, Treo, Bit Set and flash drive in on my belt. So I took a chance and bought the new model that seems to be the next size down. Worst case scenario? I'll have to switch to a AAA cell Mag and pick and choose which bits I keep with me at all times. On the bright side the new one has a magnetic catch. That should be nice because the only thing wrong with the old one is that apart from being a little stretched out, the velcro is shot.

As for what I did with my Trusty Leatherman Supertool today...

- Punched down some telephone pairs in the switch room at work
- Crimped some Scotchlocks on a phone line
- Scaled off some doors on the plans for some new doctors' offices
- Cut into the steak to see if it was done
- Opened a bag of salad

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