Friday, February 26, 2010

Brand New Bag

Today I found to my dismay that Nite Ize no longer makes the carrier that I've been keeping my Leatherman, MagLite, Treo, Bit Set and flash drive in on my belt. So I took a chance and bought the new model that seems to be the next size down. Worst case scenario? I'll have to switch to a AAA cell Mag and pick and choose which bits I keep with me at all times. On the bright side the new one has a magnetic catch. That should be nice because the only thing wrong with the old one is that apart from being a little stretched out, the velcro is shot.

As for what I did with my Trusty Leatherman Supertool today...

- Punched down some telephone pairs in the switch room at work
- Crimped some Scotchlocks on a phone line
- Scaled off some doors on the plans for some new doctors' offices
- Cut into the steak to see if it was done
- Opened a bag of salad

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hump Day

My Leatherman and I crawled over the hump today. I found it close at hand when I:

- Relocated a phone at work
- Tracked down an electrical problem
- Opened some well packaged Valentine's candy for the kids
- Straightened out the threads on the yoke of a Source Four (spot light for you non-theater types)

It's all down hill from here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Quick On The Draw

The tricky thing about a boring blog is remembering to update it. I don't think I even took out my Leatherman today, but it did get a little use the other day during a fire marshal inspection. I was leaving the construction yard to follow a group of firemen, the chief, and the building inspector inside the building. The chief snagged his hand on a sharp spot on the fence and started grousing about OSHA. So I whipped out the file and disappeared the offending burr, along with a couple others just for good measure. The Eagle Scouts and the goat from Hoodwinked have got it right:

Always be prepared.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Now It Opens Doors

I've seen on the net that people are taking apart their Leatherman Micras and cutting down their keys to go in place of the blades. I'm not much of a metal worker so I gave it a try with a cheap knockoff first.

With a five dollar mini-tool I got at Wally World I managed to splice in my house and truck keys with nothing more than a bench grinder and a couple pairs of pliers. I expect it would have gone smoother if I had a Dremel at my disposal, but it works for now.

This one's a little fat, and I've already got enough tool power on my person at all times so I'm not really using the rest of the blades for anything. Although when dressed up and not wanting to wear the Bat Belt it might be handy to keep they keys and a couple odd tools in the pants pocket and keep a low profile.

For daily use though I think a micra might be just the thing. Then I could grab one that has wire strippers, replace all the blades with keys and be ahead of the game with a slimmer, more useful package. Of course with the one I have now, I could just take 2/3 of it off and only carry one handle-half loaded with keys.

Now, my friend Tom over at the Leatherman Journal will likely come up with his own CNC milled version in titanium next weekend just to show me up. I may be hitting him up with a few design ideas myself. Maybe we could start a mail order company, fitting folks' keys into the tools of their choice.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Useful Little Bugger

Today I pulled out my Leatherman to:

- Scale off a room on a set of blueprints
- Took a bite out of a ceiling tile to let a cable through
- Took the center post out of a door so 27 bathtubs could be delivered
- Cut four "No Smoking" signs down to size
- Fixed the door on an elevator
- Took a blade out of another multi-tool so I could replace it with my house key.