Monday, January 25, 2010

Switching It Up

I haven't posted a thing about my Trusty Leatherman in quite a while. My buddy over at Leatherman Journal guilted me into it by making a comeback himself today. So here it is:

We took the whole fam-damly out to the Strong Museum of Play for my girl's seventh birthday today. Normally I've got the Bat Belt thing going with a fairly large assortment of tools and gadgets tucked away in a NiteIze holster but I wanted to be a little less conspicuous today. Normally I'm either the house electrician at the local hospital or the guy who fixes all things broke at my house and not much else unless I'm out on a gig where it's more of the same. But today I wanted to cut a fine figure as the hip dad in minimal black.

So I hauled out my Leatherman Wave. A groomsman gift from a college friend's wedding, it's engraved and therefore too special to be wearing out on regular duty. The holster it came with holds a fine point Sharpie and a keychain LED light and that's enough for a little light trekking. Especially in a venue where fixing stuff is somebody else's problem. So slim and trim I wafted through the glorious Halls of Play and unless you knew where to look you would never know that I had on me the means to fix anything but the most major of mishaps.

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