Saturday, March 21, 2009

How'd You Do That?

Yesterday I was mixing an event at a school in the city. The night maintenance guy had let us in and opened a crash bar on an exit so we could load our gear in without letting all the heat out and getting locked out ourselves. When we finished up he opened it up again but was nowhere to be seen when we were ready to leave.

I whipped out the Leatherman and started digging through the bit set for the right sized hex key. After a moment I had found it and was releasing the crash bar so the school would be secure again. Just at that moment the guy came up behind us.

"Hey! You can't have all those tools with you?!"

He wasn't sure to be pissed off or thank me.

"Sure I can. Relax, I'm a maintenance guy at a hospital. I tweak crash bars all day every day."

"Oh... thanks?"

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